At GrapeSelections, it is my pleasure to promote and feature the works of other wine enthusiasts, as well as other professional websites that I deem excellent and worth visiting.

Dedicated wine aficionados:

Tyler Philp is a freelance wine writer and member of the Guild of Sommeliers. He writes about wine via a variety of outlets and conducts tutored wine tastings in group settings. In 2009 Tyler founded North of 9 Fine Wine, an online wine education resource. For additional vinous related information and learning follow on Twitter @TylerOnWine and visit him at where you can also enjoy his weekly ‘Wine for the Weekend’ selections.


Gaby Israel has been providing wine tasting notes and buying recommendations for several years now.  The name WineGPCi (pronounced Wine Gypsy) was given by his friends. GPCi stands for Gaby’s Potential Cellaring Index. While searching for “treasures for the cellar” without going to the bank, the GPCi was initially used to calculate the ratio between the price of the wine and the number of years it can potentially be cellared for; trying to find the wines that had the smallest index/ratio possible.
Any good wine that had a GPCi of 3.5 and under, was worth buying (mainly if you were planning to develop a cellar). Many years and “750 bottles in the cellar” after, his knowledge, experience and passion continued to grow. He continues to focus on helping the consumer finding “logical” ways of buying wines and planning the budget for it.
His great passion for wine revolves around old-world wines such as Spain, France and Italy while experimenting the new world exciting regions of Chile, Argentina, Australia, Canada, the United States and others.


Jason Solanki is a wine blogger who developed a real passion for wine over 10 years ago and in 2011 began sharing his views and wine tasting notes on his own personal blog. On his website Vintage Wine Picks & Reviews, you will also find his popular selection of Wine Picks from the LCBO’s bi-weekly VINTAGES magazine. You can also find him on Twitter at @cono_sur for many interesting wine-related stories from across the globe and join in on the conversation.


Mark Britton – “Amongst an online world with many blogs on wine, spirits, and beer what I do at (@towineman) is nothing earth shattering. My passion produces good and honest writing on a subject I absolutely love. I am WSET educated to the advanced level and continue to learn wine and spirits at every opportunity. However I don’t overcomplicate the subject. At the end of the day I am a consumer like everyone else. With that perspective my goal is to make your experience of wine, spirits, and beer more enjoyable. Simple.”  Visit Mark’s website/blog ToWineMan.


Ryan Hindmarsh – “I learned to love the tasty juice through my education at George Brown College. I believe there is a perfect bottle for every occasion. I like my Italians Red, my Frenchies White, my Americanos black, and my Brazilians blonde. I believe wine goes with food, with friends, with music, and with days of the week that end in Y. Cheers to getting your wine on.”
You can visit Ryan’s website at GetYourWineOn.


Nina Syas – “I’m a wine enthusiast since I went to International Sommelier Guild school. I got hooked. I want to know more, learn more. Wine is never ending learning experience. I look for interesting wines, new flavors. I like wine and food pairings, I like to find good pairings so wine and food are work together in harmony. In my website I write wine tasting notes. And I plan wine tour to Piedmont, Italy. Also I do private wine tasting parties and I have meetup group Wine Explorers “.




Professional websites:

Wine Align – Canada’s wine community combining the reviews of many of Canada’s top professional wine critics and thousands of user’s reviews.
My opinion about this site was cited at Inside Toronto article saying “At the time when I started reviewing wines, I searched the web for sites where I could submit my reviews and where I could get some guidance from more experienced peers.  I discovered WineAlign and found the site to be well designed, easy to navigate and quite logical.”


Ontario writer Natalie MacLean, named the World’s Best Wine Writer at the World Food Media Awards, is also the editor of Natalie MacLean wine site. Her second book, Unquenchable, was selected as one of Amazon’s Best Books of the Year. You can download her free mobile app for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and Blackberry and join her newsletter.