Drinks and the desert



There are many kinds of pilgrimages taking place in various parts of the world – most are spiritual in the religious sense, yet some are spiritual in the sense of finding inner peace and oneself. For the latter, such journey may arise without prior intent and can happen anywhere and under any circumstances.




Wine Related Gift Ideas (eccentric wine enthusiast’s point of view)


Tis ‘the season to be jolly’, generous and kind to people around us, so why not give wine related gifts and make everyone happy? When it comes to wine gifts, there are many choices and venues to explore – one can give wine, wine related items or paraphernalia, tickets to a winery’s or local wine events, or give the gift of education in the form of books, seminars and lessons. Let’s explore each of these categories herein.
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Storing Opened Wine

How long can an opened wine last and how to best preserve it – this is a question that GrapeSelections was recently asked.

The length of time a bottle can be opened without noticeably changing composition depends mainly on the storing conditions.  I personally use the VacuVin system (pump & stopper set enabling the removal of air) and keep the half-finished bottle in the fridge. I highly recommend this method.


Of camping and wine

One of the roles for GrapeSelections is to provide tips in any realm, as long as it somehow involves wine. Since the summer is so beautiful and there are plenty of opportunities to go camping, writing about camping and wine seems just right, though could have been posted a bit sooner. When someone says ‘camping’, things that pop into mind are sunsets/nature, campfire, swimming, bugs and of course – beer and wine. For most, beer may be the drink of choice, but I hope that by the end of this short read, I will have you convinced that wine is a camping necessity.