Drinks and the desert



There are many kinds of pilgrimages taking place in various parts of the world – most are spiritual in the religious sense, yet some are spiritual in the sense of finding inner peace and oneself. For the latter, such journey may arise without prior intent and can happen anywhere and under any circumstances.




Wood into Forest


So you just bought yourself an all-inclusive, one week vacation somewhere down south. Excited, you pack the few things surely needed and think you are ready to go; but being a wine connoisseur a thought still manages to creep in – ‘should I bring along some wine from my cellar or should I take a break from it and give my palate a rest?’ You decide against it and assure yourself that there should be a satisfactory number of different cocktails, mixed drinks and beers + wine will also be available if craved – after-all, both the red and the white wines were quite palatable last time.


Snowshoeing in the vineyard


IMG_4879Starting second weekend in January and going right through February, Thirty Bench offers “Snowshoeing in the vineyard” tours. In a nutshell, it entails a hike through the property’s three vineyards, while sipping wine and listening to the guide’s interesting anecdotes and trivia about the vineyard, winery and the wine; and finalizing with an exquisite pairing of oaked Chardonnay and seafood chowder (described here in full detail) before heading the boutique to purchase some of the tasted wines or to continue-on visiting other wineries.


Algonquin Backcountry camping

‘There is nothing more relaxing than overlooking the sunset while sipping fine wine.’

Just this past August long weekend, together with 4 others, I went to Algonquin Provincial Park to do backcountry canoe camping. All of us being seasoned campers, including a six-year-old daughter of a buddy of mine, we packed light carrying only few things meant to enhance our experience, but that we could do without. Though most foods were dried (noodle soup, seasoned rice/potatoes or pasta, granola bars, drink powders etc.), some were semi dried and quite worth the weight to carry – these included: beef jerky (homemade), fruit + nut mix, mangos, cranberry/nut bread and of course salami and hard cheeses. The things that we could do without (of course not counting wine and crystal wine glasses) included a glow stick, candles, cards (we didn’t use), mattress pump, hatchet and saw (quite unnecessary during a fire ban).


Of camping and wine

One of the roles for GrapeSelections is to provide tips in any realm, as long as it somehow involves wine. Since the summer is so beautiful and there are plenty of opportunities to go camping, writing about camping and wine seems just right, though could have been posted a bit sooner. When someone says ‘camping’, things that pop into mind are sunsets/nature, campfire, swimming, bugs and of course – beer and wine. For most, beer may be the drink of choice, but I hope that by the end of this short read, I will have you convinced that wine is a camping necessity.