Storing Opened Wine

How long can an opened wine last and how to best preserve it – this is a question that GrapeSelections was recently asked.

The length of time a bottle can be opened without noticeably changing composition depends mainly on the storing conditions.  I personally use the VacuVin system (pump & stopper set enabling the removal of air) and keep the half-finished bottle in the fridge. I highly recommend this method.


If you don’t have this system, you can seal the bottle with the original cork or screw cap and then place it into the fridge. This works, however the length of time dramatically shortens that you can keep a bottle without noticing quality changes.  For white wines, they can keep for more than a week as they already have higher acidity, so the conversion of ethanol (alcohol) into acetic acid (vinegar) is much slower than in red wines. Reds can be kept for 2-3 days without noticeable changes, but that depends on the ratio of wine/air volume.


Another tip, once you take your bottle of red wine out of the fridge, just place it in a pot with luke-warm water.  As I tend to do other things and forget the bottle warming for quite some time, I judge the water temperature on the amount of wine left, and in case forgotten, the wine will still be slightly cooler than room temperature.


Another way is to decant it into the Platypus Platypreserve Wine Preservation System and then squeeze out the remaining air – this device serves two functions as you can transport your wine into remote locations (as described in another post about camping).  There are other systems, but I do not recommend them and hence will not address them here.


Vacu Vin line up sold at The Wine Establishment – make great presents


Vacu Vin sold at Canadian Tire


Platypus Platypreserve Wine Preservation System sold at MEC



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