County in the City 2014


The 3rd ‘County in the City’, an annual event that brings wineries from Prince Edward County to Ontario’s capital so that Torontonians, unable to travel, can taste and appreciate wines from one of the three Ontario’s wine growing regions while mingling with other cool (climate) wine lovers, took place on April 3rd, 2014. As this was the 3rd time I’ve attended it, it has officially become my annual ritual or tradition.
As all things mature and change, so did this event (see last year’s article) – still ‘faithfully’ utilizing Berkeley Church as the venue choice, this year’s increased admission to $49 not only included all the tastings and music (same as last year), the food provided by Berkley Church Catering was also included (new this year). Again, the walls of the main floor were lined with wineries’ representatives pouring their currently available vintages, while the central stage was reserved for the musician and food kiosk.
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