Wines of Chile 2013


Chilean wines – the thoughts that enter one’s mind are: value, full-bodied reds and vegetal Carmeneres. At this year’s tasting, I’ve affirmed the first two, but have learned that vegetal Carmeneres are no longer in style. I rather enjoy the green, vegetal notes that Carmenere is known and (by me) so revered for, but sadly, as sale statistics don’t lie, it seems that fellow Ontarians don’t feel the same way. None-the-less, I’ve tried quite a few wines and documented my overall experience together with the wine reviews herein.
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Finca El Origen tasting


On August 29th 2012, I went to wine tasting luncheon with a winemaker Gonzalo Bertelsen from the Finca El Origen winery located in Uco Valley in Mendoza, Argentina. Together with me, other invited guests were wine enthusiasts Monica Janek, Tyler Philp and Jennifer Hart. Upon entering the Miller Tavern, we were led to a secluded section designated just for us and were introduced to the winemaker Gonzalo Bertelsen and two Charton Hobbs agents Kristine Bach and Kevin Chisholm (the sponsors) by Bryan McCaw of WineAlign (the organizer). We gathered around a table set with glasses and wines to be tasted and were seated such that we were able to interact with Gonzalo most directly.  I myself sat right next to him, allowing me to have one on one conversation and to ask him specific questions.