Taste Italy 2013

Though ultimately about wine, wine events come in different sizes & themes and the concepts that attendees can take from them can be quite different. What one takes home from an event depends on not only one’s profession (industry/media) but also on the level of experience and direction in which one is heading. From last year’s ‘Taste Italy 2012’ event, I took away the understanding of the vastness of different wine varieties and styles (especially on the palate), a notion that perhaps would take me a year to grasp if I was to buy the wines myself. This year, I set out to gain an understanding of what the range of quality can be achieved within and between any given established style, while at-the-time uninfluenced by the wine’s price (didn’t know it at the time of tasting). The intention behind was to use this insight to conceptualize whether a certain point rating is worth the asking price (for me) or not, which should help me in making purchasing decisions as well as pass it onto my recommendations page, where ultimately the herein reviewed and recommended wines ended up.