Crown Bench Estates


Tucked away at the end of a seldom travelled road, in the shadows of the escarpment’s treeline, one will find the entrance to an enchanting winery.  Illuminated with a lantern, lit night and day, by natural gas escaping from long-gone creatures; one might feel though entering a fairy-tale realm and glimpsing a distant unicorn.  The perception is not far off, once realizing the wines housed within are just as unique as a unicorn would be.


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Daniel Lenko Estate Winery


Daniel Lenko Estate Winery is owned and operated by Daniel Lenko, a first generation Canadian whose roots extend all the way to Ukraine.  In 1947, his grandparents and his father William arrived in Ontario and settled in Beamsville, where they bought a fruit farm. Over time, they began growing vines, eventually converting the farm into a vineyard.  Growing up on a farm/vineyard, Daniel developed passion for agriculture and viticulture, so when he opened up the Daniel Lenko Estates Winery in 1999  together with his father William, it was a natural transition that was in works for decades.  Daniel already had all the skills necessary to manage a vineyard, but to make great wines, he consulted with winemaker Thomas Laszlo. Today, Daniel oversees the entire operation – looking after the vineyard and its maintenance, harvest assessment, winemaking, production and marketing.  The winery also employes one full-time, one part-time and seasonal staff.