Of Port and werewolves


The one thing Port lovers and werewolves have in common, is the appreciation of a full moon. Though the moon’s effects are not as important for the port lovers, the way the light shines through the Port and emphasizes its dense, golden/amber/ruby colour, is. So, how better to celebrate the Harvest Moon than with a glass of Port? How about with a flight of Taylor Fladgate 10, 20, 30 and 40-year-old Tawny Ports while overlooking the city of Toronto from Thompson Hotel rooftop with a group of iYellow guests poised to party.
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54 Wines 1 Summer Solstice


Summer Solstice: a celestial event where either the Northern or Southern Pole is closest to the sun and is thus marked by the longest day on that respective hemisphere.  This year, that moment happened at 5:04 am on June 21st and sprung the Northern Hemisphere into the first day of summer.




ShirazWeek – Australian Wine Tasting

#ShirazWeek – Australian Wine Tasting.
Wines tasted February 2015


As the hashtag suggests, a 1/52nd-of-a-year-long is dedicated to celebrating the Shiraz varietal. This year, that occasion fell onto the February 21st to March 1st week, for which iYellow Wine Club organized a tasting of 17 Australian Shirazes at their Wine Cave in Toronto. Available shirazes were quite well known brands, common to pretty much even the smallest of LCBO stores, so it was a great opportunity to be able to taste them side by side and to compare what Australia places on the shelves in general section (mostly) of the LCBO. The iYellow team has done a great job choosing the order to taste them in – starting with the least complex and containing residual sugar and moving onto dryer, typically older wines. Below are tasting notes of 12 Shirazes in the order that I’ve tasted them.


Trapiche tasting

iYellow’s Trapiche tasting with the winemaker Sergio Eduardo Casé and Carla Castorina
Wines tasted September 2014


iYellow Wine Club organized tasting of two Trapiche’s wines, one tasting of an unoaked “PURE” Malbec took place at TOCA Bistro within Ritz-Carlton and was paired with hard cheese, sirloin steak appetizer and chocolate; for the second tasting of “Extravaganza” we relocated to ‘The Cave’ and was paired with Frog legs, Duck Tongue Tacos and Chocolate covered Crickets – prepared by SLICED