New Zealand Wine Fair


This year, Toronto’s New Zealand Wine Fair’s public tasting will be held at the St. James Cathedral Centre from 7 pm to 9:30 pm on Thursday May 8th. Running in city of Toronto for the past 20 years, the New Zealand Wine Fair is moving its location from Toronto Reference Library to the Centre that has recently been renovated and had a glass extension attached to its side in order to modernize its space dedicated to conferences and receptions.
Often, the wine fair begins with an hour to hour-and-a-half long seminar that focuses on educating sommeliers, media and wine shop (LCBO) buyers on new directions or trends the winemaking community is heading in, or concentrates on any given varietal and advancements achieved that make the wines distinct from other regions. The trade session that follows is designed for restaurateurs etc. to find potential buys; for unrepresented wineries to find prospective agents; and for the media to familiarize themselves with what is out there and accordingly inform the wider population. The public event follows after a break and though organized much like the trade session, patron’s intentions are much different.