Algonquin Backcountry camping

‘There is nothing more relaxing than overlooking the sunset while sipping fine wine.’

Just this past August long weekend, together with 4 others, I went to Algonquin Provincial Park to do backcountry canoe camping. All of us being seasoned campers, including a six-year-old daughter of a buddy of mine, we packed light carrying only few things meant to enhance our experience, but that we could do without. Though most foods were dried (noodle soup, seasoned rice/potatoes or pasta, granola bars, drink powders etc.), some were semi dried and quite worth the weight to carry – these included: beef jerky (homemade), fruit + nut mix, mangos, cranberry/nut bread and of course salami and hard cheeses. The things that we could do without (of course not counting wine and crystal wine glasses) included a glow stick, candles, cards (we didn’t use), mattress pump, hatchet and saw (quite unnecessary during a fire ban).