‘Terroir’ – a one-of-a-kind event, where Prince Edward County wineries come together for one afternoon of the year, to mark the fact that spring is finally here and bring their newly released and vintaged wines with them. As the event started in 2005, it is celebrating its 10th year anniversary this year!
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There are several (more than 7) reasons
that embody this occasion as a one-of-a-kind event and these are:


– With more than 20 participating wineries under one roof, one can sample all sorts of wines to get a good sense of what county’s ‘terroir’ is all about. If chosen, this can be a journey walked through with help of each representative winemaker, as most are present and are eager to answer any questions.
Whether yearning to understand County’s Chardonnays,
Cabernet Francs, Pinot Noirs or others, there are plenty to choose from.


– This is a market, not just a wine affair, and so artisanal foods including cheeses, sausages, salamis, and baked goods (not limited to only cupcakes), are available for purchase.
Some are meant to be eaten onsite, while others ought to be brought home and shared.


– Throughout the afternoon, wine seminars run in an adjacent tent, where one can sit down, relax their feet and sharpen their mind + palate, while their glass is constantly topped off with educational material.
Seminars covering anything from ‘cellaring wine’ (Tyler Philp, right),
to ‘understanding wine’ (Angela Aiello, center),
to ‘impact of social media on wine’ (lead by Shawn McCormick, left).


– Live music elevates over the crowd’s hum and clinging glasses that resonate throughout Crystal Palace, only to be echoed back by its acoustic ceilings.




– The choice of venue is the historic Crystal Palace built-in 1887, which is a smaller version of Joseph Paxton’s building in London bearing the same name. It is located in the Fair Grounds on Main Street in Picton.




– For the first time in history, patrons will be able to purchase their selections due to a new law allowing the sale of VQA wines at farmer markets.



Still not convinced to go out of your way for a day to remember? Picture is said to be worth a thousand words and the gallery below contains 45 of them depicting all the fun.


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List of participating wineries:



The event is organized by Power Juncture and Terroir’s official webpage can be accessed here. I voice my thanks for the invitation to last year’s event.
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