Video Wine and Cheese Tasting Live on Google Hangouts – July 25th 2012.

With the team of wine enthusiasts, each an expert in one area or another, we joined Google Hangouts to see how live video tasting would work. At the beginning, technology was not cooperating and while we were waiting for Natalie MacLean to set it up, we were goofing around – trying out different cheeses with the wines (other than the sparking, which was to be opened live) and were just having a lot of fun. After a while Natalie fixed the issue and so the ‘Tasting bunch’ composed of (according to introductions) Allie Hughes, Bethany Harpur + Holly Bruns + Nita Boushey, Corinna Horton, myself, Dawn Montgomery, Gaby Israel, Jason Solanki and Nina Syas under the direction of Natalie MacLean proceeded with the live tasting of the three wines (see below) and six cheeses (listed in my previous post).


Once the goofing around ended and the actual recording started, we proceeded with introductions of what we do, where we are situated and our websites/blogs and twitter accounts. Myself being prepared and set on promoting, I displayed a printed sign, causing everyone to laugh at me. The conversations in general started about the wine itself and then how they pair with the cheeses. I couldn’t comment on some of the cheese pairings other than what I could remember, since I really don’t know what happened to the 4 out of 6 cheeses, they somehow mysteriously disappeared from my fridge ;-). None the less, I had the three wines and two cheeses to work with.  I will not spoil anymore, so please go and watch for yourself here:



We started off the tasting with popping of the 2007 Jackson Triggs Entourage Silver Series Brut Méthode Classique. Bottle was fermented via classique technique and spent 3 years on lees. This sparking has faint aromas of green apple, wine lees and citrus peel. It has fine bubbles and a nice minerality coming together with its acidity.  LCBO 234161 for $22.95 for more ‘Tasting bunch’ reviews see here.


Next we proceeded to taste the 2009 Le Clos Jordanne Village Reserve Pinot Noir, which is a light bodied, fruity to integrated wine, with appealing aromas of red currant, rosehip, smoke and faint oak. It has refined tannins (decant for 30 min) and a medium to long finish. This wine can be enjoyed for the next 5+ years. My impression: quite NICE, 89 pts. LCBO 33894, $30.00 for more ‘Tasting bunch’ reviews see here.


Finally we opened nicely chilled 2008 Flourish Vidal Icewine. This is a medium bodied wine, with intense aromas of honey, citrus, pear and apricot. It is not too sweet, has a great acidity and finish. Though not meant to be aged, it can be enjoyed for the next few years. My impression: BEAUTIFUL, 90 pts and a recommended buy especially for the mere $17.95. LCBO 222356, for more ‘Tasting bunch’ reviews see here.


Now for the pairings in this tasting session (remember I only had two cheeses left – ups) in my opinion the Flourish paired well with the Maple Smoked Bootwell, as the acidity and sweetness of the wine complemented the bacon/smoke taste of the cheese. Not everyone shared this opinion though. The pinot went well with both cheeses (second being the Upper Canada Cheddar), but I wouldn’t think of this pairing as anything special. See my other pairing notes in the previous blog.


All in all, I must say that this was a fun experience together with fellow wine (and now cheese) enthusiasts. Who would have thought that tasting over the web is just as much fun as in person.  I hope we can do this again sometime soon. In a week, I will embed the actual YouTube video on this site.




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